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We got your gear covered.

East Side Re-Rides, the only dedicated second-hand leather store in Metro Vancouver, sells and consigns new and used leather clothing and motorcycle gear.

Here for more details on HOURS and LOCATION

For the modern motorcycle rider we’ve got chaps, vests, leather pants, boots, biker jackets, textile jackets, mesh jackets, gloves, rain gear, and tons of apparel, clothing and accessories in all brands.

For leather lovers of all varieties, we have party clothes and hot boots, bar wear and conference outfits.

Need to gear up? Come on in! Our stock varies daily (honestly), so for an idea of what types of things we might have, there is now a live inventory listing with pictures. (Shows incoming consignment only, misses all the brand new retail stuff, and the cool little doohickeys)

Got something that needs a new home? Bring it! Check out our consignment page, which sports a great big list of things we accept.

We’re on 16th Ave right off Main St in East Vancouver (parking info).

Take a walk through the store!

Tap in the image to “walk around”. Tap and hold to turn and look at things. Don’t forget the whole extra room at the rear, around the corner! Taken June 2016.

NEW! Live Inventory Listing with Pictures

There is now a live inventory listing with pictures which is updated daily, and which you can search using your standard browser search function (Ctrl-F).

Right now it shows incoming consignment only; not the brand new retail kind of stuff, or the cute little doohickies like belt buckles and wristbands.

Gadzooks! Keeping track of what’s arriving just got so much easier.

If you see something you want, call us to ask about it!


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