Clean Consignment Items

Consignment items for sale at East Side Re-Rides have to be clean.

As a cleaning guide: You should remove dust, dirt, bug guts, road salt, pet hair, fluff in velcro, mud from boot soles, and any excessive signs that the item was ever inhabited by a human. Make sure there’s no smells like sweat, smoke of any kind, and mothballs. (Jeebus, by all that’s reasonable, do NOT bring us things stored musty and moldy in the garage where a stray cat pee’d on it. all. winter. long.)

If you don’t have time to clean items properly, we’re happy to do it for you.

We’ll charge a fixed cleaning fee, according to the level of help the Thing needs, by adjusting the consignment percentage. If we don’t sell the item for you, you don’t have to pay the fee!

Here’s the info: