Why Isn’t This Website an Online Store?

NEW! Live Inventory Listing with Pictures

There is now a live inventory listing with pictures which is updated daily, and which you can search using your standard browser search function (Ctrl-F).

Right now it shows incoming consignment only; not the brand new retail kind of stuff, or the cute little doohickies like belt buckles and wristbands.

Gadzooks! Keeping track of what’s arriving just got so much easier.

If you see something you want, call us to ask about it!


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A super-common question we get is “Why don’t you put every item on the website with a funny write-up and make it, like, an online store?”

In reply, we present the hopefully-entertaining:


A Day in the Life of East Side Re-Rides:

east-side-rerides-2016-06-05-tags10:00 Open the store. Someone consigns a big box of apparel.

10:30 While writing tags for the stuff that just came in, you decide to do a write-up on a pair of very cool boots that were in the collection.

11:00 Still tagging the new stock. More shoppers.

east-side-rerides-2016-06-05-sell12:00 Finished tagging. Finish selling things to the people looking for all-weather gear. Regard the boots. They’re pretty cool! What humourous thing shall we say about them? Whoops, here’s another shopper.

12:41 A moment alone. Start a post for the website. Entitle it: Very Cool Boots! until there’s time to think of something punchier. Start typing “These boots are….” Someone walks in, bringing more things to consign. Stuff! We love stuff!

east-side-rerides-2016-06-05-type1:56 New stock is consigned, tagged, three customers have bought leather jackets, four people have phoned with questions, two people have picked up their consignment cheques. Regard the very cool boots again. Realize you can’t think because you have to pee, and your blood sugar is crashing because it’s been a long time since breakfast. Quick, there’s no-one in the store!

2:09 Thank goodness for granola bars. Greet the customers just coming in. They’re pretty self-directed, so seize the moment and take a picture of the Very Cool Boots, which you’ll use in the post all about them on the website! Whoops, is that the phone ringing?

3:54 People trying on racing suits often need the extra hand to get into the shoulders. And all those chaps needed to be hung up again. Here’s a free moment! Import the image of the Very Cool Boots into the post. Now it has an image and says merely “These boots are…”east-side-rerides-2016-06-05-chaps

5:23 In between incoming consignment, and sales ranging from bandanas to helmets to jackets to pants, write a funny thing about the Very Cool Boots. Done!

east-side-rerides-2016-06-05-boots5:24 As you wind up to hit the “Post” button, another shopper comes in and buys the Very Cool Boots. Yay! You love selling stuff!

5:45 Suddenly realize that there’s no point in posting those particular boots any more. Sigh to self. Smile brightly at the customers coming in. There’s at least a few minutes left in the day. You’re sure you’ll be able pick a different new item and get a post done by the end of the day…. right?