Corcoran Field Boot

Hunting for made in USA boots that look good, aren’t western style and can stand up to the rigors of motorcycling? Get these suckers. These boots’ perform as a motorcycle boot and I am confident they will stand up well under other conditions too.

Quality inside and out, the stitching is perfect, no frayed anything anywhere. It’s gonna hold together. The leather has enough thickness for some warmth and road protection, and the breathability is great.

What I particularly love about these boots are that the leather is just the right thickness. Not too thin but not too thick to be stiff and unwieldy. I also really dig the great ankle fit, you’re staying put when you need to. Most excellent.

Last but not least, they look damn good. *Real Damn Good* I mean you can’t beat the classic paratrooper boot look for just raw badass looks.


Size 39


Product. 10994

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