Pierre Paris Leather Boots (Vancouver) $263

BRAND NEW, Pierre Paris leather Logger Boots. Totally unworn, rich burgundy leather, hard toe box, and comes with leather laces and a pair of kilties! Exceptional quality and utterly pristine. Best fit for EURO 43-44 (men’s 10-11, women’s 11.5-12.5) … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/pierre-paris-leather-boots/6770531197.html via IFTTT

Vintage Leather Medical Bag (Vancouver) $42

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A vintage, leather, Swiss Army first aid pack. Heavy brown leather, and easily expandable. No supplies included. Priced at $42 Rerides Item no. 19304 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? C … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/vintage-leather-medical-bag/6770529539.html via IFTTT

Leather Paddock Boots (Vancouver) $99

Shrunken bison leather paddock boots! Made by Brahma (by Canada West). Complete with leather laces and kilties! In excellent, nearly unworn condition. Best fit for EURO 39 (men’s 7, women’s 8.5) Priced at $99 Rerides Item no. 19108 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~ … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/leather-paddock-boots/6770527894.html via IFTTT

Bullet shoulder strap (Vancouver) $72

Mega accessory. A full bullet shoulder strap, ’nuff said. For costume, cosplay, military, fetish. One size fits all. Priced at $72 Rerides item no. 17803 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visit us during store hours … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/bullet-shoulder-strap/6770526452.html via IFTTT

Rev It Riding Pants (Vancouver) $266

Fully armoured, padded hips, mesh panels and reflective piping! Rev-it riding pants, best fit for a 38-40″ waist. Fantastic condition! Priced at $266 Rerides Item no. 18883 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visit us d … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/rev-it-riding-pants/6770524591.html via IFTTT

Corcoran Leather Jump Boots (Vancouver) $169

For the boot enthusiast in your life… Brand new, unworn Corcoran Original 10″ Jump Boots. Super glossy “spit shine-able” toe, internal ankle support, and oil resistant sole. No laces! Retails new for $235 CAD. Best fit for EURO 41 (men’s 8.5, wom … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/corcoran-leather-jump-boots/6770523378.html via IFTTT

Harley Davidson (Dog) Collar (vancouver) $32

For the pup! Harley Davidson branded collar. Lots of studs, heavy leather, and D-ring. Fits roughly Medium. Priced at $32 Rerides Item no. 19258 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visit us during store hours. (When w … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/harley-davidson-dog-collar/6770521458.html via IFTTT

Prada Jacket (vancouver) $3499

ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS! An authentic Prada jacket, brand new with tags attached. Absolutely beautiful leather, with a hidden rainhood, button over zipper closure, and zippered back pockets. Made in Italy, and retails new at $5050 CAD. Best f … from https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cld/d/prada-jacket/6770519960.html via IFTTT

Gerbings Heated Gloves (221 East 16th Ave) $109

Gerbings heated gloves will keep you warm on your bike over the winter! Fits a size small, insulated and warm. Priced at $109 Rerides Item no. 13924 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visit us during store hours. (Wh … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/gerbings-heated-gloves/6754041073.html via IFTTT

Rubber Side Down Touring Jacket (Vancouver) $219

So water and wind proof! So high-vis! Waterproof chest pockets, multiple vents, zip-out liner and fully armoured. Cinches everywhere for the perfect fit. Best fit for a 50″ chest (men’s 3-4XL) Priced at $219 Rerides Item no. 18622 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~ … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/rubber-side-down-touring/6713320490.html via IFTTT

Apline Joe Riding Jacket (Vancouver) $359

The most weather-proof jacket we’ve ever seen. Sealed and waterproof, with extra large reflective stripes, high-vis mesh vent panels, all amour, and a zip-out liner. The same jacket used by the VPD & RCMP to stay dry. Brand new, with tags. Retai … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/apline-joe-riding-jacket/6713317963.html via IFTTT

Leather Creeper Shoes (Vancouver) $24

Spooky Little Creepers Double buckle, two-toned creeper shoes by Underground. Excellent little toe detail. Best fit for a Euro 39.5 foot Priced at $24! Rerides Item no. 17833 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visit … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/leather-creeper-shoes/6713315149.html via IFTTT

Treen Leather Riding Jacket (Vancouver) $275

A navy blue leather cruiser jacket by a collectible Canadian brand. Perfect vintage time-capsule condition. Beautiful pliable leather, brass hardware, and a fuzzy zip out liner. Best fit for a 38″ chest (women’s fit) Priced at $275 Rerides Item no … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/treen-leather-riding-jacket/6713312425.html via IFTTT

Gorilla Work Boots (Vancouver) $119

Mighty, steel-toed, CSA-approved boots. Lug soles, two toned leather, and in perfect, nearly unworn condition. Best fit for a Euro 41 foot. Priced at $119 Rerides Item no. 18764 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you love? Call us or visi … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/gorilla-work-boots/6713305728.html via IFTTT

Leather Coach Trucker Jacket (Vancouver) $1099

Drop-jaw gorgeous trucker jacket made by Coach. In flawless new condition, with a removable shearling collar and Coach-embossed buttons. A statement piece, to be sure. Retails new for $2,213.24 CAD. Best fit for a 44″ chest (men’s Large) Priced at … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/leather-coach-trucker-jacket/6713301888.html via IFTTT

Hiking boots by Stone Island (Vancouver) $295

Stone Island by Diemme Roccia “Vet boots” mint green biker boots with two toned laces. Seriously spiffy, brand new with tags. Vibram soles have never seen the outdoors! MSRP $493.95 CAD. Made in Italy. Size 43 Euro (men’s 10, women’s 11.5) Priced … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/hiking-boots-by-stone-island/6702276895.html via IFTTT

Rocket Girl pants by Joe Rocket (Vancouver) $149

Great leather riding pants, for those of us who like a little more colour in our wardrobes. Armored knees it’s space for hip pads, textile stretch panels, ankle zips and flowery details. Best fit for 28-30″ waist Priced at $149 Rerides Item no. 18 … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/rocket-girl-pants-by-joe/6702274702.html via IFTTT

Harley Davidson Leather Cruiser Jacket (Vancouver) $283

Two-toned Willie G model. Great leather, snap out liner, venting zips hidden under the front braiding, and the perfect amount of fringe. Teeny tiny gold-coloured motorcycle detail. In fantastic condition. Best fit for 40″ chest, women’s fit (large- … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/harley-davidson-leather/6702271909.html via IFTTT

Frye Leather Boots (Vancouver) $242

A pair of classic square-toe harness boots by your favourite maker of all-time comfy boots…Frye! 8R design, in chocolate brown leather and brass coloured hardware. MSRP $535 CAD. Exquisite condition, looks like they’ve never been walked in! Size … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/frye-leather-boots/6702269257.html via IFTTT

Vintage Coach Briefcase (Vancouver) $250

Beautiful vintage Beckmann Briefcase with silver hardware. As-new, and never used, comes with original purchase receipt ($498 USD). Classic design, great leather, with multiple zippered pockets. Priced at $250 Rerides Item no. 18318 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~ … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/vintage-coach-briefcase/6697894774.html via IFTTT

Steel-boned Corset (Vancouver) $61

Something a little different… Textile underbust corset in black and silver. Steel boning, beautiful construction and in fabulous condition. 24″ laced closed. Priced at $61 Rerides Item no. 18031 ~~~~~~~~*\o/~~~~~/\*~~~~~~~ See something you l … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/steel-boned-corset/6697897559.html via IFTTT

Vanson Satellite Motorcycle Jacket (Vancouver) $582

Vanson “Satellite” jacket Brand new and absolutely perfect, never worn, with original tags. Armorable, nylon mesh lining, black hardware. Double layered leather on the shoulders and elbows. Retails new for $1013 CAD. Size 40″ chest (small) Priced … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/vanson-satellite-motorcycle/6696092365.html via IFTTT

Vintage Symax Biker Classic Jacket (Vancouver) $275

Hello Symax! Vancouver-made, collectable brand. So very vintage, and condition as such. Biker classic styling with thick, pliable leather, silver hardware and a beautifully intact lining. Size 42″ chest (Medium) Priced at $275 Rerides item no. 18 … from https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cld/d/vintage-symax-biker-classic/6696089485.html via IFTTT