Antique Daoust Boots

We estimate these Daoust Ruf Rider (logger-style) boots as 1950s-era. Lots of signs of age; these are far from new condition (like 70 years far). The leather is (especially on the foot/ toe) dry and aged, and there is oxidation on the hardware. The original Biltrite sole shows wear, and …

Felmini Boots That Eat Flies

It’s finally easy being green! These fashionable wee boots are made for a tiny… Amazon. (get it?) Women’s size 7 – 8? Come try them on and see what I’m on about. Hop to it. (I just can’t leaf this alone.) DISCLAIMER: Actual boots do not have a giant frog …

WESCO Custom Jobmaster Boots

Wesco boots are one of the five most sought-after brands of real-boot-kinda-boots in the world. They’ve been making boots for almost a century, and with all that practice, they’ve got it pretty perfect. This is a one-of-a-kind custom-build pair of Jobmasters. They have a natural double leather midsole. They are …

Frye Engineer Boots

These Frye boots have been around the block. They’ve been around, like, a few hundred thousand blocks. They’re what you’d call “weathered” or, for the less tactful among us, “thrashed to hell”. These boots were made for walking, and walk they did… and run… and jump… and possibly skydive? They’ve …

Studded Ash Boots

Super cool, punky, distressed black leather. Kind of a high-fashion Mad Max feel, with a big stacked heel, covered in awesome metallic studs, they retail for a cool 550 bones brand new but we’ll let you have em for $243 or less. Euro size 41, Item #9093

Frye Boots that are Star-Crossed Lovers

These brand-new, unworn Frye boots have been through a lot to be together. Their parents tried to keep them apart. Their clans and tribes were rivals for the podiatrical love of the buying public. Everyone said it would never work; that this was a pairing doomed from the start. “You’re too different!” They’d wail.

Beautiful Burgundy Boots

EDIT: SOLD! (To one of my coworkers, actually. This job is so dangerous for the paycheque.) These beautiful barely-worn burgundy Kodiaks are just too adorable for words. Gorgeous supple leather, super warm (thanks Thinsulate!), and waterproof to boot (ha). Women’s size 8.