Kevlar Pants and more! These are the SWEETEST Conquer Kevlar Jeans with additional CE rated knee armor. These pants are new to Vancouver, and new to our store, so watch this space for more info — or drop in and try a pair on!


The smallest legal half helmet The AK-88 is the least-mushroomy of all the DOT approved half-helmets. The Akoury website says it a bit lyrically, but we’ll be blunt: when you wear an Akoury AK-88, no-one will point and laugh and call you “Marvin the Martian”. We also have the AK-66 …


Wax Shoe and Boot Polish and other Goo for Shoes We’re excited to carry Angelus Wax Polishes, Balm, Water & Stain Repellant, Military edge dressing, and assorted other cool goo. We also have various polishing brushes, including the 100% horsehair dauber brush.