Telephone issues

We’re switching providers and one of them dropped the ball (the ball which is East Side Re-Rides) somewhere and our phone service is down. Please email us in the meanwhile, and sorry for disruptions as we work to get our phone line fished back into being.

Whoops (site tech stuff)

One of the WordPress plugins we use to present the info on the site just had a full-on freaker and broke the whole site. I’ve fished it out of the embers, dusted it off, and set it running, but if something looks odd or is missing, it’s totally my fault …

Helmet testing…

We found this on youtube. This is pretty interesting stuff! From time to time, I’ve also done a bit of comparison smashing (with elderly helmets destined for the dump), and it’s pretty amazing. Also fun. :-) Maybe I should have recorded it.      

Gimme Gear, Dear

Good motorcycle gear is flooding into the store, and zooming out just as fast. If you’ve got something in your closet, take advantage of the spring rush, and bring it to me, so I can convert it into a cheque for you. Ahhhh! Hurry! They’re lining up!

There must be some kind of retail magic around this tore, because 99.936% of the folks who walk through my door are sweet and friendly folks. Today the store is filled with the sound of heavy metal music and people giggling as they work out where the damn zipper on the chaps goes. Are these inside out? Upside down? What the hey?

Dear medium-small motocross-ridin’ woman;

I have some nice gear for you here. And it’s not pink.

… except the helmet. Sorry about that part.

Get your motorcycle up and running for spring! Here’s BCAA’s collection of tips….

My sidewalk! Yay heavy machinery!

The city waterworks crew is carving a hole in the sidewalk 3 feet from ReRide’s front door (no, don’t worry, you can still get in to buy things!) and I get a ringside seat on the concrete-carving wheel thing and the backhoe-looking thing.  I’ve turned the music up to cover …

Me and The Loved One checked out the Viberg factory in Victoria, BC, and I just picked up a pair of new Viberg boots –much like those pictured here– for my own personal feet.

Jeepers, these are amazing boots. They make even old-style Daytons feel like lightweights. I can’t wait to see what they look like with a few years wear into them.

Yes, that particular beautiful helmet you’d been looking at sold three weeks ago. Yes, I know you gambled that it wouldn’t sell yet, and the price would therefore be lower today, but in the meantime someone else came in and gave me money. Ruthlessly, I let them have the helmet. No, waving and huffing at the place on the shelf where it used to be won’t help. Don’t go away mad, now….

Adding machine just jumped on my head from a top shelf.  Ow. Wee paper roll unscrolled all over me and the floor. I think it’s just overeager about month-end.