Yes, that particular beautiful helmet you’d been looking at sold three weeks ago. Yes, I know you gambled that it wouldn’t sell yet, and the price would therefore be lower today, but in the meantime someone else came in and gave me money. Ruthlessly, I let them have the helmet. No, waving and huffing at the place on the shelf where it used to be won’t help. Don’t go away mad, now….

Bootblack Invasion! Sunday, October 2nd, 1pm – 3pm

Bootblack Invasion! On Sunday, October 2nd from 1pm – 3pm(ish), East Side Re-Rides (7105 Victoria Drive) is proud to host an informal BootCamp: a wee skillshare gathering of a four-bootblacker team. These bootblackers are here for an afternoon of learning, laughing, cleaning, shining, polishing, detailing, and discussing general boot care, …

Adding machine just jumped on my head from a top shelf.  Ow. Wee paper roll unscrolled all over me and the floor. I think it’s just overeager about month-end.

Some nice folks came in and bought some gear today. They said they’d found a single business card lying in a lonely parking lot in Chilliwack a while back, and that’s how they’d found out about the store. I’d never thought about that method of advertising, honestly.  Now I wonder.

Hullo, claustrophobic lady who was looking for a hybrid (full face where all the chin stuff and visor can be shoved up temporarily so you can kiss your honey or talk to a cop or eat ice cream), I now have one in silver, size medium.

Thanks to good friend and part-time store-minder River Tucker for giving me a hand yesterday to re-organize the store to fit in the new rack for the new stuff coming in!  Drop in and tell me what you think.

Running a store catering to motorcycle riders is like running a whorehouse — a fair percentage of the time you can hear your customers coming.

Online Store, maybe

While a great deal of our items will not be available online, I’m thinking of making a few things available for online purchasing. (Especially those items which are new, and which we have multiples of.) Watch this space, as they say.

A letter from the previous owners

If your mailing address is on the mailing list, you’ll be getting one of these in the mail. Many thanks to Diane and Gerri for all their hard work over the years! They’re passing on a business — and a community — they can be proud of. – Elaine East …