Vintage Jean Jackets

Just got in two identically-sized old school Levi’s denim jackets. One is contemporary, one is vintage 1970’s. Great condition, perfectly weather-beaten, soft as a baby’s butt. Both are pretty fabulously cool, so here’s a pic to compare and contrast.  

Fresh delivery this morning!

As so often happens, a carload of consignment leather and boots just arrived this morning as we opened the store. We lined up the boots (all sizes) and stacked the leather (mostly pants and chaps, some jackets), and now we’re going through it all to find out what we’ve got …

Rubber Gauntlets

Sometimes you need a great big rubber glove, whether to go on over your protective motorcycle gloves in a giant rainstorm, a nifty costume, or sometimes you simply need rubber gloves to go all the way up to your elbow. East Side Re-Rides keeps a few new rubber and PVC …

Ombooty Handmade Exotic Leathers

A supplier called Ombooty brought in some of the most amazing and beautiful exotic leatherwork. . The artistry is unbelievable and the attention to detail is to die for. We have bras, booty shorts, femme vests, and crop tops in an assortment of colors and a variety of small sizes.

Cometh! Before Pride Goeth!

Gay Pride in Vancouver used to be a riot, then it was a parade, then it was a weekend, and nowadays it’s a two week ongoing festival of loosely affiliated events that run the gamut of queer art, queer life, queer drag, queer dancing, and queer kink. If you like …