We’ve got the best deal in town for folks wanting to consign items with us. Drop in with your second-hand leather outfits or your used leather or textile motorcycle gear, and we’ll assess it. (Phone first if you want to be sure we’ll have time to spend with you.)

If the thing you want to consign is not on the “Yes” list below (and definitely not the the “No” list below), but you think we’d be interested, give us a call or bring it by!

What East Side Re-Rides will accept for consignment:

Motorcycle Jackets

  • Leather Jackets
  • Textile Jackets
  • Mesh Jackets
  • (with and without armor)

Motorcycle Leathers

  • Chaps
  • Pants
  • Vests
  • Shirts

Fancy Leathers (Social / Fetish)

  • Dress chaps
  • party wear
  • corsetry (some)
  • Leather Shorts
  • Hats, caps and covers.
  • dresses
  • skirts

Vintage Leathers

  • For the really valuable vintage brands, we’d consider things even if they have damage. Talk to us.

Motorcycle and Motocross Riding Clothing

  • high-vis vests
  • rain gear
  • heated vests
  • lined riding jeans
  • racing suits (maybe)
  • motocross sets
Various Motorcycle Gear

  • leather gloves
  • armored riding gloves
  • glove liners
  • goggles
  • driving sunglasses


  • Leather boots
  • lace-up leather boots
  • engineer boots
  • waterproof motorcycle boots

Motorcycle-themed clothing and accessories.

  • Maybe. Depending on what it is.

Leather Accessories

  • wallets (some)
  • belts (some)
  • messenger bags (some)
  • leather suspenders
  • armbands

Other Clothing

  • Utilikilts and chainmail and rubber / neoprene items and suchlike.

Plus odd n sods like bike covers, seat covers and the like.

What East Side Re-Rides will NOT accept for consignment:

  • NO HELMETS, with some rare exceptions for collectable or costume helmets.
  • anything ill-made or any item far past its prime. (If you’re getting rid of it because it’s no good any more, it’s probably no good to anyone.)
  • anything in damaged/non-functioning condition. (A $300 jacket with a non-functioning main zipper is worth $0 in resale value.)
  • any item with–how to put this politely– a stink. No stinky items. Especially smoke (cigarette or other fires), mildew & mothballs. Double especially, human sweat … and cat pee from when it was stored in the garage that one season. If in doubt, do drop it off to get it cleaned so you can get top dollar for your item (though ciggy smoke and mildew are near-impossible to remove). (Double-checking? Ask someone with a keen sense of smell to sniff it for you.)
  • anything we feel we can not sell for you (eg: a slow-moving type of product that we already have many of) Note that race suits are often a “no” because of lack of space.
  • quotidian leather clothing, shoes, or fashion boots. (If it’s not tough or sexy, it’s unlikely to find a home here.)
  • stolen goods (in fact, I have a list of things folks have reported missing, just in case we see them come in)
  • We’re not really taking Tshirts and shirts anymore. Unless they are rare or spectacularly… something special.