I’ll freely admit: We have a real thing for bandanas. They’re hats! Mops! Scarves! Disguise! Dust masks! Flirtation devices! Flags! A replacement for wrapping paper! We love them!

We currently have all sorts of bandanas, both used and new — but we’re especially pleased to have made a deal with Hav-a-Hank to carry their very, very nice-quality bandanas. Great quality print, carefully hemmed edges, and a dense weave of quality cotton make these the sort of hanky you’ll keep around for years, as it gets better and better with age.

We also have some nifty special items, like larger and super-huger-larger bandanas, double sided, stonewash (already perfectly soft and faded), and… also I nerded out and picked up a couple of bandana-print tote bags.

Our colour variations will shift as we sell out and order more, but we try to carry the most popular colours. If you have a request, let us know!

Prices range from $2 for used and quotidian bandanas, to $4 or $5 for the brand new 22 X 22 inch Hav-a-Hanks.