Jeebus, I love boots. I love giving them a place to be admired, and love seeing them move to a new home. I can’t help it. For some folks, it’s kittens; for me — it’s boots.

Shop for Boots

If you’re buying, I keep a varied selection of

  • Classic Biker
  • Sport Bike / Racing boots
  • Motocross Boots
  • General-Purpose Riding Boots
  • non-riding boots that are nevertheless excellent

Consign Your Boots

If you’re looking to consign, I’ll work with you to get a fair price on your good-condition boots. Be aware that not all boots are created equal, and I am likely to turn down boots that were flimsy or ill-made to begin with, or which have outlived any possible use. Come on into the store, and I’ll have a look at your clompers, and I’ll tell you what the store can do for you.

And… Boot of the Day

Every day or so since the I took over the business (August 1, 2011), I pull up a single item that deserves a bit of special attention, and feature it on the website as Find of the Day. Since that was rather often  pair of boots, I’ve now included a thing called Boot of the Day.

Listing of the last ten or so things tagged with”boots”.

And some boot-related eye candy: The HotBoots site