01829 Army Boots for your Legs

Army boots (which are misnamed, being more properly leggy boots, or possibly feety boots) are a kind of a staple boot, no? Always handy to have a pair around. They’re almost indestructable, can be made quite waterproof, and are pretty dang comfortable.
This is a completely standard pair of army boots with a side-attached soft leather gather under the laces instead of a flappy tongue. You want that because it stops Vangroovy’s rainwater from seeping in around your ankles when you step in a deep puddle. They’re in perfectly reasonable condition with only a regular army-boot bit of wear. They’re a men’s 10.5 size.

So why, if they are such a quotidian boot, are they featured in Find of the Day, you may ask yourself? Just this: They’re on sale for $29, which makes them about $11 bucks cheaper than the freaking army surplus store sells ’em for. So there.

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