Vintage leather racing jackets. More than enough for the entire cafe.

Ahem. A collector’s entire collection of (approx 150 pieces of) vintage leathers just landed in Rerides with a great big flourishing flumph.

Most are jackets, most are between size 38 and 42, most are between 1960s and 1980s, and most are brands of Canadiana, such as Brimaco, Treen Custom Leathers, Golden Crown, Bristol and the like. There are classic biker jackets, cafe racers, and some bombers. There’s a bunch of vintage custom stuff. (For the avid collector, I’m seeing zippers of Talon, Clix, Acme, Lightning, Opti.) A few items are horsehide, the rest steerhide / cowhide.

There’s also a metric flumphton of full leather racing suits, both one-piece and two piece, which should delight bikers and longboarders alike — but that’s a different post.

Here’s a wee sampling of some of the jackets. Come by and check ’em out.

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