Sons of Anarchy-style club vest; cheap like borscht. Halloween!

eastsidererides-sons-of-anarchy-style-club-vest-2Okay, early-shopping Halloweeners, here’s the deal. No really, it’s a deal. Such a deal.

This Sons of Anarchy-style vest is made of leather. That is to say, the designers waved it near a cow at one point. Then they laminated the vanishingly thin leather layer with various non-cow substances, creating a milled and bonded leather. They are allowed by law to call it “leather” (just like those cardboard-feeling fashion-leather belts you can buy), but we know better, don’t we?

One thing this vest has going for it, is its resemblance to the real SOA -type club vest that I’ll be getting twelve calls a day for as it nears Halloween. The real safe-for-riding top grain cowhide deal costs over $200 Canadian (we generally have those in store too) — but this bonded leather vest will set you back a mere $45 bones.

Just like the Li’l Joe’s original, this vest has a one-piece seamless back panel. Just add your own patches and ride off trick or treating on your chopper.

One flaw (besides the bonded leather), is a wee tough-guy-looking burn at the lower front.

Size 48, in a manly shape.  Grab it fast.




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