Exotic Leathers in Search of a Rock Star

Now, I myself came of age in the late 1970s and early 80s, and it’s important to note that, because you’ll understand what’s in my mind when I look at this jacket. I wonder what David Lee Roth is doin’, you know? I think, Robert Plant would have arm-wrestled David Bowie for this, back in the day. I can’t see Paul Stanley or Blackie Lawless in it (not enough sawblades, natch), and it would have been a bit modern for Jim Morrison, but Nikki Sixx would have rocked it, for sure.

So. An enticing melange of exotic leathers. Shiny sanded stringray. Caiman. Ostrich. Goat. A bit of good ol’ cow leather holding it together, and I even suspect a wee bit of sheepskin around the collar and pockets.

Whoa, it’s getting hot under these stage lights. Better take out the snap-in liner. Still hot? Unzip the damn sleeves and take off the arms. Now this is a vest. Show ’em your guns. No, it’s Canada. I mean your muscle-y arms.

Fits a 42 – 43, in a medium manly shape. Item #9211

$949 Canadian rockstar bucks, as of today. That’d be about half of its original cost.



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