Vintage 1960’s Punk Jacket

…And I do mean punk. This thing is absolutely thrashed and absolutely beautiful. A little slice of rocker history, complete with hand-painted demonic back piece, stapled-together tears, junk metal decorations, patches and pins. Beaten, stepped on, ripped and stitched back together, this jacket has a hell of a story – probably a lot of stories, mostly drunk.

NYNCO zippers and wool batting lead us to believe the jacket itself is vintage 1960’s, but I couldn’t tell you when the Anti-Flag patch was thrown on. Either way, this piece was carefully crafted and clearly well-loved. Now it needs a new home. And maybe a few studs or spikes? That’s up to you.

Men’s size Small, Item #11011, $219.


(Special thanks to our friend Willa, who did a little modelling for us today!)


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