Plus-sized, short legs? Rejoice in these armored leather riding pants!

You and I know the problem, right? You get a pair of pants to fit your hips, and the pants (seemingly made for a 6’4″ man with stork legs) balloon out. You’d need to cut through zippers and hardware to shorten them, the legs are too wide at the ankle, and the armor sits way, way further down than your actual knees.

Every day I help plus-sized women in this store looking for a riding pant that fits — but one can’t get them “off the rack”. No-one makes them for us.

From me (Elaine), a fat woman with short legs and a big butt, to all my sisters out there… May I present the holy grail, nay, the unicorn of leather riding pants!

These pants were custom made (costing over $400) for a woman a titch over 5ft tall, with a waist 48″ around (that’s about a size 20, methinks). They’ve never been worn because the original owner changed size before she got them.

They have tapered legs with side zips, jacket-attachment zip, thigh zip air vents, jean-style pockets, hip padding, and knee armor placed exactly where your shorter-length legs want it.

You’re gonna look good in these.

Item #12710
RUBBER SIDE DOWN black Leather Riding PANTS

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