This page is a simple place to show off the many, many images that we take of some of the stock inside the store.

We’ve got thousands of things stuffed into quite a wee store, which often quickly go to new homes and are replaced by incoming gear. This gallery is not a catalog, nor does it contain even a tiny percentage of the items we have. While we certainly may still have the item you’re gazing at, there is no guarantee that it hasn’t been sold three minutes after we upload.

If you see a thing and want it or have questions about it, call 604-327-7433 during business hours and ask about a specific item (the exact name of the photo you’re looking at will help a lot). We don’t get too many chances to check email during the busy days here, so calling or dropping by the store will work much better than commenting or emailing.

Gallery One – a truly random collection pre-2016

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