Gift Certificates

Sometimes decisions come hard, especially when we’re trying to decide what our loved ones want.

I can solve your worries about whether that vest or that jacket will fit your honey. Buy them a gift certificate! Jeepers, what a great idea! Then your giftee can come in and find their own treasure, on their own time.

Besides, it’s way easier to wrap a gift certificate than, say, a pair of chaps. I mean, have you even tried to fold chaps? Or even hang them neatly on a hanger? Chaps resist all attempts at orderly presentation. Gift certificates, on the other hand, sit there crisply, or fold neatly, or roll up into a tiny little scroll full of the representation of money.

Gift certificates can be for any amount, do not expire, ever, and a balance can be carried onto another certificate if all is not spent at once. Cool, huh?