The Leather Doctor – BoundAries Leather Custom Leatherwork and Repairs

Is the Leather Doctor currently at East Side Re-Rides?

(Attendance announcement is computer-intelligence-created, and is… fairly accurate)

The LeatherDOCTOR is OUT! March 23, 2018 at 07:42PM

East Side Re-Rides is proud to host Ariss of BoundAries Leather as our in-house leatherworker!
Newly arrived from Montreal, BoundAries Leather has set up shop in Vancouver, and can be visited at East Side Re-Rides on most Tuesdays & Thursdays!
Here’s their website: BOUNDARIESLEATHER.CA

BoundAries Leather does:

  • Made-to-measure custom gear
  • Bespoke small leather goods
  • Repairs (rivets, hand-sewn, machine-sewn)
  • Adjustments of leather clothing’s fit
  • Bootblacking / leather reconditioning
  • Custom stamping and engravings
  • and much more!

BoundAries Leather does not do:

  • Cobbling (yet!)
  • Hand or machine embroidering
  • Large-scale leather carving (eg. an entire belt)

This is a general list only, and you’ll want to get in touch with BoundAries Leather directly to chat about things you need done.

Simple Repair Drop-Off service

(For when you don’t need to see the Leather Doctor)

Preparing to adjust the leg of a pair of leather jeans for motorcycle riding

If you have an item needing a small repair (such as a broken snap / buckle / popped stitches / missing hardware / slipped rivet / boots needing polishing) you can drop the “patient” off on any day during business hours to East Side Re-Rides staff. They’ll give it a number, make you out a slip, and tuck it away in the “Waiting Room”, ready to be seen. Ariss will call you back when they’re in, and discuss timeline, repairs and price. Once you have an agreement, and once the repair has been done, you can pick it up and pay for it any day during business hours.

Visit the Leather Doctor!

DROP-IN: During business hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, feel free to drop in with your items. Sometimes, simple repairs may be done while you wait. Other things will require a bit of time, and you’ll be able to come back for them later, or in a couple of days.
While we can NOT make appointments for Ariss, and you can’t reach them on our phone, you’re welcome to call the store at 604-327-7433 first to see if there seems to be much of a wait, or to confirm the DOCTOR is IN!

APPOINTMENTS: For custom work or large / complex jobs, do contact Ariss in advance to make an appointment, as it can get quite busy on drop-in days.


What if I can only make it on (some day which is not Tuesday or Thursday)?

If you can’t make it in for an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please contact Ariss and see if they can make an appointment with you for a different day / time.

Can I Buy BoundAries Leather items “off the rack”?

A chest harness by Ariss of BoundAries Leather, for sale at East Side Re-Rides
Chest Harness by BoundAries Leather

Yes! East Side Re-Rides carries an ever-changing ready-made selection of BoundAries creations, from wallets to suspenders to vest extenders to chest harnesses. Feel free to make requests, and we’ll send them along to Ariss!

Can East Side Re-Rides answer my questions?

BoundAries Leather is a separate small business within our store.
Rerides’ general staff will not be doing your repairs. Except in generalities, we won’t be able to answer questions about how the repair will be done, or have an exact timeline. We also can’t quote exact prices (although we can absolutely guesstimate unofficially). Please go right to the source for your info!

Will my East Side Re-Rides gift certificate or coupon or membership discount apply to BoundAries Leather work?

Nope. They’re a different financial entity, as the accountants are fond of saying. :-)