East Side Re-Rides
221 E 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 2T5
604-327-RIDE (7433)


What about my consigned stuff?

As a consigner the only thing that changes is the location where you drop by to chat and pick up your cheque after the New Year. Consign as usual right up to Dec 17th, when we close for the Xmas holiday season. Your items will be moved safely and tenderly, and are insured throughout. They’ll look even better in the new location!

No, I Mean… I Want to Help in a an Easy Way

Oh, of course. The very most helpful thing you can do is tell the riders and leather-lovers you know about our move.

  • Yell the news to them over the roar of your engines at a stoplight, or over the roar of the crowd at the bar
  • Shoot a note to your favourite MC club, store, class, or establishment.
  • Collect some wee flyers from the store to take to the places where you live
  • Even easier, make a few mouseclicks and spread the news on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Google+

Please tell folks, because it hurts my storekeepery heart to think of anyone arriving at the empty old location after the move… and feeling sad and lonely.

 Is there parking at the new 16th & Main location?

(This actually is a frequently asked question)

  • Yes! There’s 3 – 4 car lengths (10 bike widths) of free parking right out front on E16th Ave
  • There’s 2 hr parking across the street and to the east
  • There’s metered parking just around the corner on Main
  • And free parking half a block away in front of the park!

I made maps and posted them on this site, as I so often do.

I Would Like to Ask a Question!

Great! We want to hear from you.

  • Call us at 604-327-7433 during business hours
  • Email us at info@rerides.ca (We answer email as we can get to it)
  • Drop by the 7105 Victoria Dr location (until Dec 17 2015) and chat with us!