Fluevog Melrose Heels – Walking on Sunshine!

These Melrose boots were designed as Fluevog’s commemoration to his famous cloven-hoofed Grand National boots (you may remember the pair that trotted through the store a little while ago!) This particular pair are in a shade called “Black Caviar”, which I imagine is referring to the beautiful pebbled effect on the leather.
The wedged heels were molded in an Italian factory that specialized in these extreme, death-defying high heels. They’re crafted from Italian Luminato leathers (spot that gold leather lining), and as may go without saying, have some astonishingly blingy heels goin’ on.


“Animalistic. The heel is supposed to disappear, giving the girl’s leg the look of a horse, with the heel as elbow. It makes the girl look half-human. It makes her a centaur.” – John Fluevog



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