Sweet Mother of Suede!

At long last, spring has sprung and the weather’s getting warm. Many of you are probably good and ready to trade out heavy winter leathers for something a little more bright and lightweight. Well, look no further than our piles and piles of funky suede clothing! We’ve got soft suede, roughout suede, designer suede, suede vests, suede pants, vintage suede (including a jacket all the way from the 1950’s!), and of course, all of it incredibly affordable – like, some as low as $12. What a steal, right?

So if you’re looking to stick a little ’70s style into your wardrobe, or find something sleek and unique for the office, or even try that teeny tiny child’s jacket on your youngest family member – drop on by and say hello!


*** Want a particular item? Check the post's date & item #, and call us 604.327.7433 ***