Special Spooky Halloween Racing Suit Sale!

Tis the season for spooks, spirits, and… spectacular sales, I suppose!

Goth Christmas is only a couple of weeks away now, and if you’re stuck for a costume, Rerides has, as always, got your back.

Take a 10% discount on any one of our MANY racing suits up til Halloween. Not only is a full leather suit wonderfully warm (an oft-neglected feature in a Halloween costume in the height of Vancouver autumn…), it provides the perfect base for any number of seriously wicked dressup options.

There’s the obvious, but classic, Evel Knievel getup – or if you want something a little more current, why not go as the Stig from Top Gear? Or add a little fake blood and a thrashed helmet and you can get a bit ghoulish with a “post-crash” costume.

They also make a great base for your futuristic sci-fi getup; maybe you want a little bit of a Stormtrooper vibe? Build it up with some chrome and circuitry for a robot getup that looks like it took months, not days, to make.

Throw on a cape and a mask and you’ve got a killer superhero getup (or snag a red suit for the perfect imitation Deadpool). Beat it up with some dirt and add a few rusted metal accessories, and you’re a wasteland warrior straight out of a Mad Max flick.

Take your suit and your imagination and run wild!

This discount can also be used in conjunction with our coveted 10% OFF COUPONS, so you can take a whopping 20% off. Not bad, and certainly more fun than the last-minute cat ears you picked up on the way to the party!









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