Wesco Big Boss. Can’t see the forest for the knees.

Amusing text to come. Customers just came in again. :-)



These engineer boots, fittingly called Big Boss, are made by the West Coast Shoe Company (WESCO), out of Scapoose, Oregon. If you ordered them from Wesco today, they’d be $2,020.68 CAD. (Check them out on the Wesco site) We can save you some money!



Item #17806 $1,299.00 (currently)

BOOTS Wesco Big Boss black Leather 43.5 “30”” thigh high, contrast stitching, so beautiful. Tags still on soles. Oiltan leather.”

Item #13532 $1248.00 (currently)

BOOTS WESCO Big Boss black Leather 44 VERY Tall (36″) Wescos, near-perfect soles, oiltan leather.



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