OMG we have built you an ONLINE STORE!

Everything in the store (except stock that has just arrived) is also online for easy shopping.

Open to the public (Changed Days/Hours & some limitations)

We’re open 5 days a week (Tues – Sat) with slightly shorter hours than last year.

  • Only 6 shoppers in the store at a time (sometimes there might be a wee bit of a wait outside)
  • Face coverings / masks MUST be worn (ask us for one if yours fell off in the slipstream)
  • We’ve got some hand sanitizer for you. (Blort blort blort now rub your hands together and go shopping!)
  • Appointments outside regular hours for folks who are immunocompromised (talk to us).
  • When shopping, keep a motorcycles’ length away from other shoppers (Softail Distancing. heh. heh.)
  • Consignment intake continues in pandemic stylez.

SHOP Online

Online shopping begins now, and HERE. More info about how we will be handling delivery and returns and such here. Why, yes, you can absolutely buy a gift card, thank you for asking. :-)

Consignment is open – by appointment

Everything is different about our method though, so please read up!

TLDR; By appointment only, drop it off curbside in packages, and there’s a built-in 3 day delay in processing.

Keep In Touch

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Thank you all again for your patience and support in these rather overwhelming times

  • Elaine

Looking for repairs/custom work?

Boundaries Leather is a small business in residence at East Side Re-Rides Wed – Sat (when we’re operating normally). If you are waiting for repairs to come back, or if you’re hoping to bring something in, all queries should go to Ariss.


Masks. We love ’em. You have to wear a mask while in the store.

Here’s a bit of extra research for y’all to read if you’re interested. And while we’re all here on the topic, if you don’t like wearing a mask you are welcome to shop from home and pick up at curbside. Please don’t start “mask-debating” at my staff, or shouting at …

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Introducing CLOSEOUTS, where you can name your price.*

Try the new CLOSEOUTS category. Last chance, choose your own price*, final sale, get ’em for a discount so deep we should keep them in the well. Closeouts are ONLINE ONLY — these are *not* on the racks or viewable in the store, although they can be picked up at …

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Closed for Canada Day 2020

Hi folks! We’re closed for Wednesday, July 1st 2020. See you Thursday!    

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