Studded Ash Boots

Super cool, punky, distressed black leather. Kind of a high-fashion Mad Max feel, with a big stacked heel, covered in awesome metallic studs, they retail for a cool 550 bones brand new but we’ll let you have em for $243 or less. Euro size 41, Item #9093

Pockets and zippers and grommets, oh my!

Tired of things falling out of your pocket? Have too much pride to wear a fanny pack out in public? Fallen victim to the fashion industry’s birdbrained decision to stop including pockets on women’s clothing? Fear not – we present to you this fantastically pocketed, zippered, and copiously grommeted belt to help you …

Brimaco Vintage Jacket

Wicked cool vintage ’70s Brimaco coat. Has kind of a cool Magnum, P.I. vibe to it (or maybe that’s just me?) Super soft tan teddy bear-esque lining you could zip in or out (cause there’s an equally pretty silky lining underneath). Men’s size medium-ish large-ish.  

Apocalyptic Bike Gang Jacket

Badass black-and-white cyberpunk biker jacket, with a wicked cool diamond insignia on the back. Looks like something right out of New Barbarians or Akira. It’s a vintage Original Leather Factory, has tons of pockets for all your survival paraphernalia, and fits a women’s medium (but I mean, the post-apocalyptic future probably …

Fresh delivery this morning!

As so often happens, a carload of consignment leather and boots just arrived this morning as we opened the store. We lined up the boots (all sizes) and stacked the leather (mostly pants and chaps, some jackets), and now we’re going through it all to find out what we’ve got …