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Chippewa Leather Engineer Boots

Chippewa Leather Engineer Boots

Timeless Chippewa Tall Engineer boots with a steel toe. Size 42.5 euro 9.5 Mens 11 Womens It all started in a small factory on River Street in downtown Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in 1901. A thousand or so years later, Chippewa Boots continues to build top-quality…

Frye Engineer Boots

Frye Engineer Boots

These Frye boots have been around the block. They’ve been around, like, a few hundred thousand blocks. They’re what you’d call “weathered” or, for the less tactful among us, “thrashed to hell”. These boots were made for walking, and walk they did… and run… and…

Durango Vintage Shortie Engineer Boots

Durango Vintage Shortie Engineer Boots

Badass chocolate brown Durango kicks – just enough weathering to give them a little rough-and-tumble ‘tude. Size 8 men’s or 9.5 women’s. Come try ’em on!



Buncha fetishy leathery gear just flooped in.

If you’re manly shaped, with a size 32 pant, size 12 feet, and a medium-large men’s jacket size, medium size head, and like your leather gear, you’re in luck! A leatherman just dropped off a nice collection of new or barely worn boots, shirts, jackets,…

Mad Max Harley Davidson Shitkickers

Mad Max Harley Davidson Shitkickers

O, the apocalyptic Mad Max kinda sandy, dusty, parched desert roads these Harley Davidson Mega Harness square-toed engineer boots have seen! We can easily envision mutant post-nuclear humanoids wearing these boots while riding industrial dunebuggies and cracked-out cafe racer motorbikes.

Dayton boots for a set of quadruplets

Do you know a set of quadruplets who share a thing for nice Dayton boots? Show ’em this page, then, because I have four sets of boots, all sized alike, that would suit all four identical quadruplets. They could switch, depending on what their four-part whims were.

As long as they all had feet Dayton sized 5 – 5.5, which in North American show sizes is a men’s 6 – 6.5, and a women’s 8 – 8.5.

The whole set for $500 (save $60), what the heck!

The boots (from left to right):

1) Utterly custom, one-of-a-kind, square-toe Sidekick style measuring 16″ from the top of the heels on up. Shiny chrome leather. Slender calf. Utterly unworn. Brand stinkin’ new. $230 #02291

2) Rangers, oiltan, bump toe (that’s the name for that saucy curve to the toe box) Barely worn. $100 #02287

3) Classic Dayon Black Beauties. Slight wear and a bit more experience than the other boots. $100 #02288

4) Riders — the motorcycle boot, round toe, engineer-style instep strap. Barely worn. $130 #02290

Wait, it just occured to me — I could sell these one pair at a time to non-quadruplet individuals.

Although, you know, come to think on it, two sets of twins might also do.




01806 Scrumptious Boulet Boots, Engineer Style

Jeebus, these are lovely boots. Size 6.5 (manly size) or about 7.5 (womanly size), with a toe box a hair (but only a single hair) on the western side of the standard engineer round toe. Soles in perfect condition and uppers (oil tan leather) in…

01759 Dayton Engineer Boot

These freshly-arrived Dayton boots show very little wear, and are Dayton size 6D, which translates to 8.5 women’s, and 7.5 men’s. Yum. Right now they’re available for $150, which is about $300 less than a new pair at the Dayton store.