Frye Engineer Boots

These Frye boots have been around the block. They’ve been around, like, a few hundred thousand blocks. They’re what you’d call “weathered” or, for the less tactful among us, “thrashed to hell”. These boots were made for walking, and walk they did… and run… and jump… and possibly skydive? They’ve …

Frye Boots that are Star-Crossed Lovers

These brand-new, unworn Frye boots have been through a lot to be together. Their parents tried to keep them apart. Their clans and tribes were rivals for the podiatrical love of the buying public. Everyone said it would never work; that this was a pairing doomed from the start. “You’re too different!” They’d wail.

Get ’em, Tiger!

I mean… Get ’em, the leather has an amazing tigerish patina! Frye, neutral brown, square toe, campus heel, leather sole, leather-lined, barely worn, size euro 42 / men’s 9, women’s 10.5. Rrowr, as they say in the fancy boot commercials containing tiger actors.  

Small Frye

Squee! Teeny tiny little Frye boots for the teeny tiny people in your life, in the hard-to-find harness mule style. Almost unworn. Dark red colour, great construction, leather lining. Made in Brazil.

Frye boots of great wisdom

These great old Frye boots have seen it all, and are just now nearing the end of of their life as footwear. Another year or two of daily wear, and they’ll be entering into an identity as room decor. The leather has achieved a glorious patina, and if I were …