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All Norton, All The Time!

All Norton, All The Time!

Kit yourself out in both these fantastic pieces! Norton Leather was founded in the UK way back in 1898, and continues to produce top-notch pieces inspired by today’s motorcycling culture and fashion. Our Norton leather jacket is styled after a classic biker. Beautiful thick, black…

Antique Daoust Boots

Antique Daoust Boots

We estimate these Daoust Ruf Rider (logger-style) boots as 1950s-era. Lots of signs of age; these are far from new condition (like 70 years far). The leather is (especially on the foot/ toe) dry and aged, and there is oxidation on the hardware. The original…

Goat-Footed Grand National Fluevogs

Goat-Footed Grand National Fluevogs

Look at these magnificent beasts! Knee-high, cloven-footed lace-ups to add a serious dash of Pan-like mischief to your wardrobe.

These boots are an especially hot item, and for good reason – Fluevog no longer makes this particular shoe. When they decided to reissue them back in ’02, the heel mold was loaned to an Italian factory so that they could make the heels. Things went swimmingly on the first run, but when they attempted the reorder, they found the Italian factory had closed its doors overnight and gone out of business – the special heel mold went with the owners, and was never seen again. A crushing disappointment to wannabe fauns everywhere – and all the more reason to score these beauts as soon as you can.

These retail at an average of $700+ dollars, but ours are priced at a slightly less bank-breaking $499 (no promises about your neck or ankles, though).

Butter-soft leather, gorgeous styling, and – they really can’t be hyped enough – those devilish heels. Euro size 42.5

Ombooty Handmade Exotic Leathers

Ombooty Handmade Exotic Leathers

A supplier called Ombooty brought in some of the most amazing and beautiful exotic leatherwork. . The artistry is unbelievable and the attention to detail is to die for. We have bras, booty shorts, femme vests, and crop tops in an assortment of colors and a variety of small sizes.

The Utilikilt of Epicness…

The Utilikilt of Epicness…

What do you do when an Original Utilikilt swaggers gracefully into your store?

A Poleclimber Pair

A Poleclimber Pair

When these came in, I squealed with glee. Astounding patina, incredible construction, and in the small size so coveted by many of the women I know.  So I took some lovely pictures and started typing this post. Then someone came in who felt the same way I did, and when she put her foot in the metaphorical glass slipper, they fit. And so now they’re off to a new home, and rather than waste a set of images, I’m putting this up as a teaser. This is what comes in, and this is what goes out before I can finish typing “Oh my goodness, such a boot”. Do drop by in person and see what else is in store!


Prince Harry dropped by to say your Filson boots are here

Prince Harry dropped by to say your Filson boots are here

Ah, Filson. The very name brings up memories of the first time you ever walked into an incredibly high-end adventure clothing store, and gasped at the beauty of the gear within. The next memory should be you gasping at the price of the gear. It’s…

Two Piece Motorcycle Suit – Black Leather and Kevlar (and Royer Boots)

Two Piece Motorcycle Suit – Black Leather and Kevlar (and Royer Boots)

Any time you’re sailing down the road at high speed and realize that at some moment past you left your motorcycle behind (Eeeeek!), safety becomes a rather immediate concern. Leather has long been appreciated for its abrasion resistance… but what if you’re travelling a long…

Dayton boots for a set of quadruplets

Do you know a set of quadruplets who share a thing for nice Dayton boots? Show ’em this page, then, because I have four sets of boots, all sized alike, that would suit all four identical quadruplets. They could switch, depending on what their four-part whims were.

As long as they all had feet Dayton sized 5 – 5.5, which in North American show sizes is a men’s 6 – 6.5, and a women’s 8 – 8.5.

The whole set for $500 (save $60), what the heck!

The boots (from left to right):

1) Utterly custom, one-of-a-kind, square-toe Sidekick style measuring 16″ from the top of the heels on up. Shiny chrome leather. Slender calf. Utterly unworn. Brand stinkin’ new. $230 #02291

2) Rangers, oiltan, bump toe (that’s the name for that saucy curve to the toe box) Barely worn. $100 #02287

3) Classic Dayon Black Beauties. Slight wear and a bit more experience than the other boots. $100 #02288

4) Riders — the motorcycle boot, round toe, engineer-style instep strap. Barely worn. $130 #02290

Wait, it just occured to me — I could sell these one pair at a time to non-quadruplet individuals.

Although, you know, come to think on it, two sets of twins might also do.




What Rhymes with Dayton Sidekick?

Dayton as a boot company often produces some sweet, tough, long-wearing things in the way of feet-coverings. These sweet li’l Dayton Sidekicks, though, are also the dressiest shitkickers you’ll ever own. Shiny, sharp-styled, and even a little pinchy on the toes to remind you of…

Red Wing Logger Boots, miniature and vintage

At size 4.5  or 5 (men’s), or 6ish (women’s), these Red Wing boots are not for the big of foot, but they are mighty in spirit and style. (The Loved One has an identical pair of the same age and style (in a larger size)…

Tough, Heavy Wesco Boots.

Wesco boots are known worldwide for being made with remarkable eye to quality and last-foreverness. (I just made that word up.) Those of us with a fetish for tough, durable footwear probably already know all about them.

These look like a Jobmaster 10″ lace-to-toe, which go for over $400 brand new. They’re clearly been used, but not hard, and the tread is still almost wear-free. They carry a faint and pleasant scent of woodlands, and one of the boots has a tiny mouse nibble spot along the inner rear edge of the top of the shaft of the left boot. (Visible when you enlarge the image here, and peer closely at it.) They’re well-kept and recently oiled.

Size 12. $158

Bring a wheelbarrow or a dolly when you come to pick these up. I’m guessing they’re about 7 pounds a pair.

01998 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Boots OMFG

The RCMP have had it right all along. Them Mounties have some nice damn horse riding boots, and I don’t hear any neigh-sayers. (Sorry. Sorry.) These sweet l’il numbers are in excellent condition. There’s no appreciable wear on the finely pebbled brown uppers, and a…

Is the wearer of these boots nekkid?

Answer:   Probably not. So… about these boots, shown standing fetchingly on the sidewalk outside the store: Getta Grip hot black leather steel-toe lace-ups. Made in England. Sturdy, comfortable, heavy. The soles are screwed on (neat, huh?) When we’re talking about the British Invasion, these are…

Wings + Horns Dayton Service Boots saved from torture!

So there’s this insider story I can tell you, at least until someone sues me for trade secret something-something.

It’s about Wings + Horns, a high-fashion hipster shoe company that commissions boots from Dayton, a local boot-making company with a long, long tradition of producing damn fine boots. Once the innocent little Dayton boots fall into the hands of Wings + Horns, they are bound into tortured shapes with rope, soaked in some type of water solution, and allowed to dry all squinched up.

When released from this nonconsensual bondage, the poor wee boots look like this:

Tortured Boots


This is known as “distressing”, and is highly sought-after by folks wishing to look like they’ve worn their clothes for much longer than they actually have. So highly sought-after that the poor things sell for $700 in Kitsilano.


What I have here, folks, is a genuine Dayton-made Wings + Horns boot which has been saved from torture. They have not been bound, soaked, dried, squinched, nor have they suffered any of the horrible things high fashion does to our boots and feet alike. They’ve been walked in a wee bit, but lovingly, in the kind of owner-shoe relationship that boots are happy in.

Beautiful rich black leather, thick and soft. When you weather ’em the natural way, the leather will look even better.

Dayton size 5.5, women’s 8 or 8.5, men’s 7 or 7.5.

$161.19. To the damn penny.

01829 Army Boots for your Legs

Army boots (which are misnamed, being more properly leggy boots, or possibly feety boots) are a kind of a staple boot, no? Always handy to have a pair around. They’re almost indestructable, can be made quite waterproof, and are pretty dang comfortable. This is a…

00027 – miniscule pLeather boots

These sweet little things are a blast from the store’s past. They’re veen around for a long time, in part because they’re such a tiny size (women’s 4 or 5) and also because they’re made of (whisper it) pLeather. They’re lonely because they’re so tiny…

01780 Black leather dress, lace-up

A daring, saucy, full-length leather dress. The back closes (well, “closes” is not the right term) by means of some very delightful hardware loops and a very long lace. Perfect condition, nice-feeling leather. Sizing is variable because of the lacing, but I’d call it an XL, and a very forgiving XL at that.

Come try it on!