Felmini Boots That Eat Flies

It’s finally easy being green! These fashionable wee boots are made for a tiny… Amazon. (get it?) Women’s size 7 – 8? Come try them on and see what I’m on about. Hop to it. (I just can’t leaf this alone.) DISCLAIMER: Actual boots do not have a giant frog …

Bates Cafe Racer-style Jacket, size 38 tall, 1970s vintage, near mint.

They had this jacket made for them by Bates of California. They were slim, tall, and had long arms. And lo, they ordered it in the black and the red, with a racy stripe running down the arm, in the way of so many nice cafe racer jackets. It was fashioned with loving care, with Talon zippers, a shiny 70s liner, a personalized tag for Ronnie, and a fleecy warm liner that zips handily in and out, according to the temperature on that particular day in our far, far past.

Dainese Stripes EVO Pelle jacket

This is new and unworn, which I know not only because of its spectacular gleaming and fresh beauty, but also because the owner came in metaphorically crying big hot tears of consumer sadness. If you are smaller than the original owner, you’re about to get one of those there sweet deals.

A Poleclimber Pair

When these came in, I squealed with glee. Astounding patina, incredible construction, and in the small size so coveted by many of the women I know.  So I took some lovely pictures and started typing this post. Then someone came in who felt the same way I did, and when …

Toughest Vest in the Store

This vest came to me by way of England, so it’s well-traveled as well as being a shiny, shiny object. It’s made of a very nice leather, and even the lettering and patches are leather, not just embroidery. I’ve never seen the like, and can’t find its duplicate on the interwebs, so I’m gonna guess it’s a bit of a rarity.

Feel Lucky, Punk?

The title is a bit of misdirection. That’s because “Feel Lucky, Doom/Black Metal-lover?” doesn’t have a very good ring to it. Although come to think on it, someone into punk could wear this vest too, I mean,  punk vs metal kinda flew out the window when Faith No More came …

Chaps. Very very fancy ass chaps.

So I’m usually kind of a chaps purist, and tend to enjoy just thick, black leather. But these have made me into a convert — they’re super fancy! Two colours of leather, black and tan (if you wanna feel tough in them, think Doberman). The leather is that sumptuous butter-soft …