Introducing “This Just In”

Gear is rocketing in and out of the store at such a  rate that the Wishlist ain’t reliable — by the time the last customer leaves with an armload of leather or drops off a bin of textile gear, and I collapse panting against the counter, there’s hardly a moment to check what’s just in against what’s wished for, before the next folks come in.

So here’s what I’ll do: every week, I’ll drop in a post that’s just a listing of the stock that swept in that week, with starting prices and stock numbers. I can’t guarantee it’ll still be here when you drop by, but it should work as a great resource for those collectors watching this feed.

See you soon!



We often post about items we have for sale in admiring ways. OLDER ITEM POSTS ARE NOT UPDATED WHEN AN ITEM SELLS Check the post's date & item #, and call us 604.327.7433 to check whether a thing is still with us. Also have a peek here for the up-to-the-minute list: