A certain SCI-FI tv show just ended and….

… and I just might have bought a bunch of the outfits from it.

Among the haul:

  • 15 pairs of never-on-a-motorcycle BMW boots (futuristic cops) (Nope, 14. I just sold a pair while I was typing this)
  • 5 or 6 biker jackets with fictional gang patches (It’s more safe to offend fictional bikers)
  • 3 or 4 dressy tall-masculine-shaped casual leather jackets
  • 5 fabric Military coats (black, men’s XXL – XXXL)
  • 5 pairs military cargo pants (green, mediumish mens sizes)
  • Many pairs of Ecco and Polo (Ralph Lauren) leather boots
  • 2 NOMEX tactical survival suits with hoods (heavy cordura, fire resistant, cut resistant, everything-proof, in Ninja Black)
  • AGV Sports racing-style suits, (matte black leather, 1 one-piece / 1 two-piece, size men’s large or XL)
  • Triumph women’s lace-up boots
  • and more!

Do drop by.

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