New Stock as of Aug 7th

kbcffHelmetblacklrgsnell 2000. older model40.007976
vetterffHelmetblackxlNOT FOR RIDING - 1980S COLLECTABLE40.007977
UnknownClassic BikerJacketblackLeather52Side laces, YKK zippers, Made in Pakistan139.007979
KeprotecArmored shortiesGlovesblackMixed textile - leatherMen's MWhite stitching, stretchy side panels39.007980
Bilt Iron WorkersHoodie ArmoredJacketblackTextile2XLFull armor, kevlar79.007981
TeknicMagnetic Tank BagBaggageblackTextileClear top49.007982
GmaxHalf HelmetHelmetblackOtherM201339.007983
Icon1000 TruantBootsblackLeatherMen's 12Wear to shift toe139.007984
fly of londonbuskinBootsbrownLeather8 wsumptuous leather, buckle close, great construction, $300 new99.007985
bilt3/4 vintage jetHelmetblackXL85.007986
teknicracingPantsblackLeather40with pucks169.007987
iconfield armor stryker series VESTArmorblacks / m105.007988
Oscar LeopoldsClassic Biker, vintage 90sJacketbrownLeathertagged 44, fits 46varigated textured brown. Short cut, large arms, 90s style139.007989
cosa novaclassic bikerJacketblackLeathermed mmissing epaulets, missing belt, good zippers, good liner.129.007990
hjcff is-16Helmetblacklrgbluetooth present & working. Internal sun visor. Manuf 201199.007991
hjcff "fossil" styleHelmetsilvermedmanuf 200855.007992
shiftdyer (hybrid)JacketblackMixed textile - leathertagged xl, fits smallerno liner. All armor.219.007993
danierwool-lined hoodie vestVestblackLeatherxxl85.007994
bristolclassic biker vintageJacketblackLeather42219.007995
hein gericke for HDfringed classic bikerJacketblackLeathermed womens159.007996
angoraJacketblackLeather34 womens129.007997
heatheringtonsfancy leather ruffled and studsFetishblackLeathermed womens$1500 new175.007998
joe rocketMESH phoenixJacketredMesh Textile2XL115.007999
ixonracingJacketblackLeatherxxl womens (fits 14 - 16)all armor. Unused zip in liner. Great.239.008000
SIDI Sport2 PC suitRaingearblackOthermed59 new49.008002
dakotaoverpantsRaingearblueOtherlrgscuffs at hem, mild. Otherwise great.13.008003
urban wasparmor knuckle shortieGlovesblackMixed textile - leathermed womens, xs men19.008004
teknicraceBootsblackLeather10 msome wear. Lots of prtection65.008005
alpinestarsraceJacketblackLeather44all armor. Perforations255.008006
alpinestarsracePantsblackMixed textile - leather34all armor.165.008007
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