East Side Re-Rides

East Side Re-Rides: Consignment Motorcycle Apparel, Leathers & then some!

We’re the only dedicated second-hand leather store in Metro Vancouver, selling and consigning new & used leather clothing and motorcycle apparel. For the modern motorcycle rider we’ve got chaps, vests, leather pants, boots, biker jackets, textile jackets, mesh jackets, gloves, rain gear, and tons of apparel, clothing & accessories in all brands. Helmets are brand-new only. For leather-lovers of all varieties, we have party clothes and hot boots, bar wear & conference outfits. (Also GIFT CARDS!)

We’re at 221 East 16th Ave, a half block East of Main St.

Give us a ring at 604-327-7433 or email us at [email protected].

More info on HOURS, closures, maps, and parking over on our contact page

COVID Arrangements: 2023

As some of us are a little higher-risk health-wise, we appreciate masks and admire the folks who wear them.

We’re E-Commerce GIANTS now

In 2020 we opened our online store (WOOT! EXCITE!) and have every consignment item we have can be perused online. Everything is up-to-date*. We ship out your purchases every working day to Canada and the US. and offer curbside pickups for our local folks. Our online sales return policy helps you be sure you’re ending up with the perfect item.  >>> SHOP NOW <<<

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Take a virtual walk in the store

Tap in the image to “walk around”. Tap and hold to turn and look at things. Don’t forget the boot room at the rear, around the corner!

** Taken June 2016, so the items you see are only EXAMPLES of what we might have today.**

Repairs or Custom Leatherwork? BoundAries Leather HAS MOVED.

Here for more info. Here for Awl Together Leather, Boundaries Leather’s new location and business enterprise!

We’re Social!

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