East Side Re-Rides

Accessibility and East Side Re-Rides

This updated info for the 221 East 16th Ave location!

The Store

The store is at sidewalk level, with a weird little steep and bumpy sillÿto get over (I repaired it when I took over, but it’s still not easy rolling). The front door is maximumÿ32″ across, a bit awkward, and opens outwards. If you bang on the closed door, though, a shopkeeper will come runnin’ to open it for you.

Aisles are roomy enough if you don’t mind leather things brushing you like the wardrobe path to Narnia. Someone will always be happy to fetch things off high spaces for seated shoppers to check out.


In an emergency, I’ve got access to a non-public bathroom in the back hallway, but it’s totally not accessible — it’s tiny and awkward and there are multiple doors.


For address, map, parking and directions, please see the contact page.

The store isÿon East 16th Avenue just a hair east of Main St.

Transit Accessibility

The store is on the #3 bus route,ÿwhich stops on Main St.