East Side Re-Rides

Clean Consignment Items


Does my Thing have to be clean?

Oh, yes. As a cleaning guide:

You should remove dust, dirt, bug guts, road salt, pet hair, fluff in velcro, mud from boot soles, and any excessive signs that the item was ever inhabited by a human. Make sure there’s no smells like sweat, smoke of any kind, mothballs, mildew or mold. (Jeebus, by all that’s reasonable, do NOT bring us things stored all winter in the damp garage where a stray cat pee’d on it. all. winter. long.)

Any tips on cleaning?

Of course! Too many tips to list them all, but in brief:

  • Textile gear can be separated into component parts, hand-washed, and hung to dry. You may need to re-waterproof afterwards.
  • Heavy biker leather garments may be turned inside out, and the lining sponged and rinsed and air-dryed (no heat, but lots of flowing air, please). The outside maybe be rubbed into a lather with saddlesoap and water, then rinsed, and dried in the same manner.
  • Tough boots will benefit from a brisk scrub of the sole, and an adventure with saddlesoap similar to the above. Unlace ?em, and remove insoles and kilties for cleaning.
  • Suede, lambskin, porous and fashion-textured leathers are super-hard to clean safely, and we can?t offer any brief advice. Take care; there are lots of ways to ruin a fashion garment.

What if I didn?t have time to clean my item? Or what if it needs to be fixed?

If you don’t have time to clean items properly, or they need a spot of minor repair, we’re happy to do it for you.

We’ll charge a fixed cleaning fee, according to the level of help the Thing needs, and only by agreement. The cleaning/repair fee will be shown per item in your contract.