East Side Re-Rides

Ship your consignment to us for selling

If you’re Canadian, not local to Vancouver, but still want to consign with us:

If you have enough leather / motorcycle apparel & gear to make it worth your while to ship it to us, we’re super happy to work with you to get your things on our hangers. Check with us first! Call us at 604-327-7433, and we’ll discuss everything with you in detail — but here’s an outline of the steps so you know what to expect.

Step One: Decide if it’s the Right Stuff

Make sure your gear is (1) right for this store and (2) in good condition.
Here’s our list of things we do and don’t accept. This is important because we will not be able to send things back to you if we can’t sell them, so you’ll want to only include the right kind of thing in your package.

At this decision-making stage, if we aren’t staring at the item in person, we can’t quote you the exact price we’d sell your item for, but we can give you a range we’d sell it within, and that will let you plan. Call us for a walk-through of percentages and selling prices.

Step Two: Decide if the shipping cost is affordable

It’s important to note that the cost & possible risks of shipping are entirely the responsibility of the consigner /sender. Shipping plus insurance can be surprisingly affordable. If you have quality, in-demand gear in good condition, it’s almost always worth it. If you have only one or two low-demand items, it may not be. Figure the rough weight and dimensions of your box of gear, and then check with the shipping provider of your choice.

Step Three: Make a record

Make a list for your own records of what you’re sending, as well as to give us an idea of what’s coming towards us.ÿ You could do a detailed list — or the easiest thing might be to shoot a pic (with a steady hand in very good light) of each item you’re sending along. This will also help if you are able to email pics to us while we’re discussing selling price ranges!

Step Four: Wrap it up and send it along

If we’ve talked on the phone about everything, and we’re ready to receive, and you’re ready to send, go ahead and get it to us. We’re at

East Side Re-Rides
221 16th Ave EAST
Vancouver, BC
V5T 2T5

Here’s the shop phone number: 604-327-7433
Sometimes it’s best to give them Elaine’s personal cel # as well, in case they’re trying to reach us after hours. Call Elaine at the store for that. 🙂

Make sure that by this time we have ALL your information, like your name-to-write-cheques-to, phone, email, mailing address.

Call us with the tracking info, so we can help make sure it comes to us smoothly!

Step Five: The Contract

East Side Re-Rides will unpack, count, evaluate each item, write it up with a description and a suggested selling price, and snap a picture of each piece. We’ll email you a copy of the proposed contract, which you can look over. We make adjustments if we need to, and once it’s finalized, give us the go-ahead, and we tag and get things out on the floor to meet their new owners.


Step Six: We send you money as items sell

In the first week of any month, we do an accounting of all sales in the preceding month, and produce cheques for consigners whose items have sold in that time frame. Then we start sending cheques out.

That’s it!