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How to Shop for Someone Else!

Many a people come into the store hoping to find the perfect jacket that will entice their partner to ride along with them. Or, they come in hoping to buy that really swanky jacket as a birthday present without their partner knowing.

The challenging thing here is finding a jacket that will fit them without them being in the store with you. This guide isn’t designed to let you shop without anyone else ever, but it’s meant to give you a rough guideline of what *might* fit them.


  • measuring tape
  • note pad or cell phone to record
  • general idea of their preferred style

Measure the person or an article of their clothing

You want to start by measuring the chest. Place the tape measure underneath the armpits of the person or article of clothing. If you’re measuring a piece of clothing, measure from armpit to armpit and multiply the number by 2.

Measure the arm length next. Start at the cap of the shoulder and go to the wrist. On me, I would have a 23″ arm.

Measure the jacket you like

Measure across the jacket from armpit to armpit. Multiply this number by 2 to get the full chest width. This should match the width of the person you’re buying for.

Measure the sleeve from the cap to the cuff.

Bonus! If you want to be really specific, measure across the shoulders of a person from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. This will tell you if there is enough room for their shoulders.

Double Bonus! If you want to make sure the jacket is long enough, measure from the base of the neck to the bottom of the jacket. Don’t include the collar in your measurement.