East Side Re-Rides

Kinksters Welcome

Hi! I’m Elaine Miller, local leatherdyke and longtime BDSM presenter. This is my business:
East Side Re-Rides, Vancouver’s only consignment leather store.

I want your leather. Well, actually I want to sell it for you.

I mean the stuff that you put away last season that shrank inexplicably. I mean the thing you always meant to wear but somehow it never made it onto your body and out the door more than twice. I mean the thing you bought on a whim while you were at that conference, and now it takes up your entire bottom drawer. That sort of leather.

Oh, I want your boots, too. The no-nonsense kind.

Of course, I also want you come in and buy some leather clothing, and some boots, and maybe you could bring all your friends and any newcomers you know over for a bit of shopping, too.?ÿ While I’m at it, I also want you to tell any of your friends who have leather fetishwear items gathering dust in their closet to bring them to me. See? There’s really no end to my unreasonable demands.

Lookit my consignment page to see what I take or just drop by the store sometime, check out what I have, say hi and introduce yourself. I’m at 221 E 16th Ave at Main St (more detailed location info) and I’m a friendly cuss.

If you’re running an event and need a brick and mortar used leather store to sell your tickets (no commission), drop me a line.


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