01771 Paleolithic Dayton boots , size 10.5M

01771 Paleolithic Dayton boots , size 10.5M

Dayton boots, aged, 10.5M

These beautiful round-toe motorcycle boots were first worn by a caveman biker back in the early days of footwear, and have made it through the ages intact. Would pair nicely with a rough-hewn wooden club.

From noted boot aficianado Dr Z; “These boots evoke the spirit of a pterosaur-rider on the open road. Pterosaurs are also incorrectly referred to as “pterodactyls”, particularly by journalists.”

But seriously, folks, the uppers in these well-used boots are in beautiful condition, and will last another 30 eons easy. The soles are worn down and somewhat smooth, and I can see a resoling in their future, although if you’re the kind of rider who prides him or herself on never touching foot to road and living entirely on the saddle of your hawg, they’ll never wear out.

$20. No, I didn’t slip a decimal point.

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