Dogmaster Driver hybrid custom Dayton boots

Dogmaster Driver hybrid custom Dayton boots

These don’t have a stock number because I’m trying to decide whether to keep these for myself, honestly. They are the sweetest, nastiest, funkiest, most eye-catching pair of Daytons I may have ever seen. And they fit me. Hmm.

Size 9.5M, give or take. They’ve obviously had a hell of a life thus far, and have come through it with only a bunch of scuffs on inside of the red heels, a certain scarring of the texture of the toes, and a slight scent of what I assume is brimstone. They’re nicely broken in and lace up snug and tight all 12″ up your calves.

Apart from the lugged sole and height, this boot resembles the famed 6″ Driver (shown below). Dayton does NOT make these as stock boot, and even the next closest boot in the Dayton menagerie, the Dogmaster (shown below) is no longer made by Dayton.

This is a one-of-a-kind boot, so if you think you want ’em more than I do, call me and make me an offer (it’ll have to be a  good one), or drop by the store.

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