Wings + Horns Dayton Service Boots saved from torture!

Wings + Horns Dayton Service Boots saved from torture!

So there’s this insider story I can tell you, at least until someone sues me for trade secret something-something.

It’s about Wings + Horns, a high-fashion hipster shoe company that commissions boots from Dayton, a local boot-making company with a long, long tradition of producing damn fine boots. Once the innocent little Dayton boots fall into the hands of Wings + Horns, they are bound into tortured shapes with rope, soaked in some type of water solution, and allowed to dry all squinched up.

When released from this nonconsensual bondage, the poor wee boots look like this:

Tortured Boots

This is known as “distressing”, and is highly sought-after by folks wishing to look like they’ve worn their clothes for much longer than they actually have. So highly sought-after that the poor things sell for $700 in Kitsilano.

What I have here, folks, is a genuine Dayton-made Wings + Horns boot which has been saved from torture. They have not been bound, soaked, dried, squinched, nor have they suffered any of the horrible things high fashion does to our boots and feet alike. They’ve been walked in a wee bit, but lovingly, in the kind of owner-shoe relationship that boots are happy in.

Beautiful rich black leather, thick and soft. When you weather ’em the natural way, the leather will look even better.

Dayton size 5.5, women’s 8 or 8.5, men’s 7 or 7.5.

$161.19. To the damn penny.

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