01998 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Boots OMFG

01998 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Boots OMFG

The RCMP have had it right all along. Them Mounties have some nice damn horse riding boots, and I don’t hear any neigh-sayers. (Sorry. Sorry.)

These sweet l’il numbers are in excellent condition. There’s no appreciable wear on the finely pebbled brown uppers, and a bit of scuffing on the leather soles. I’m missing the dang laces for the front of the boots, but I was so excited about these I stuck them up in advance of finding something lace-appropriate.

A neat detail: the top of the shaft on the inside has a tidy little “MP” (for Mounted Police) punched into the leather. (see pics below)

Size 9.5 E (men’s)

$319 oh-so-Canadian dollars


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