Tough, Heavy Wesco Boots.

Tough, Heavy Wesco Boots.

Wesco boots are known worldwide for being made with remarkable eye to quality and last-foreverness. (I just made that word up.) Those of us with a fetish for tough, durable footwear probably already know all about them.

These look like a Jobmaster 10″ lace-to-toe, which go for over $400 brand new. They’re clearly been used, but not hard, and the tread is still almost wear-free. They carry a faint and pleasant scent of woodlands, and one of the boots has a tiny mouse nibble spot along the inner rear edge of the top of the shaft of the left boot. (Visible when you enlarge the image here, and peer closely at it.) They’re well-kept and recently oiled.

Size 12. $158

Bring a wheelbarrow or a dolly when you come to pick these up. I’m guessing they’re about 7 pounds a pair.

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