Dayton boots for a set of quadruplets

Dayton boots for a set of quadruplets

Do you know a set of quadruplets who share a thing for nice Dayton boots? Show ’em this page, then, because I have four sets of boots, all sized alike, that would suit all four identical quadruplets. They could switch, depending on what their four-part whims were.

As long as they all had feet Dayton sized 5 – 5.5, which in North American show sizes is a men’s 6 – 6.5, and a women’s 8 – 8.5.

The whole set for $500 (save $60), what the heck!

The boots (from left to right):

1) Utterly custom, one-of-a-kind, square-toe Sidekick style measuring 16″ from the top of the heels on up. Shiny chrome leather. Slender calf. Utterly unworn. Brand stinkin’ new. $230 #02291

2) Rangers, oiltan, bump toe (that’s the name for that saucy curve to the toe box) Barely worn. $100 #02287

3) Classic Dayon Black Beauties. Slight wear and a bit more experience than the other boots. $100 #02288

4) Riders — the motorcycle boot, round toe, engineer-style instep strap. Barely worn. $130 #02290

Wait, it just occured to me — I could sell these one pair at a time to non-quadruplet individuals.

Although, you know, come to think on it, two sets of twins might also do.




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