Frye boots of great wisdom

Frye boots of great wisdom

These great old Frye boots have seen it all, and are just now nearing the end of of their life as footwear. Another year or two of daily wear, and they’ll be entering into an identity as room decor. The leather has achieved a glorious patina, and if I were a West End boutique I’d charge an extra $100 just for saying that word out loud. Patina. Patina.

The brown/tan leather is supple and has been kept oiled, and the crease marks and gradations in colour are breathtaking for those lovers of antiquity among us. Square-toed, stack-heeled, they’re got a satisfying clomp. The leather is showing age around the side of the foot, and the heel bottoms have been a bit overworn. They’re as comfortable as old slippers.

Size = women’s 8 – 8.5ish, men’s 6.5 – 7ish.. Stock # 02429

$20. (two zero)

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