Mad Max Harley Davidson Shitkickers

Mad Max Harley Davidson Shitkickers

O, the apocalyptic Mad Max kinda sandy, dusty, parched desert roads these Harley Davidson Mega Harness square-toed engineer boots have seen! We can easily envision mutant post-nuclear humanoids wearing these boots while riding industrial dunebuggies and cracked-out cafe racer motorbikes.

Honestly, it looks like they’ve spent the last few years riding directly into the maw of a sandblaster while having mutant Dobermans chew on the toes.

Leather’s worn. Heels and sole are worn. They look like hell but retain their thick-leathered structural integrity.

Size approx 9.5 men’s / 11 women’s. Stock # 2240


Oh, and hey. Theyre CSA approved.











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